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Manage all of your digital content in one "Single Source of Truth," and share across your entire organization | Give your team the tools they need to have relevant, meaningful conversations to "Win in the Marketplace" | "Gain Valuable Insights" on usage and success of marketing materials to better "Focus Your Message"

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About Us

Our team has been helping clients solve complex marketing problems for over 30 years. With Fision, we decided to change the game.

While our contemporaries were focused on traditional marketing channels, our team had their eyes on the technology. When the Internet revolution first emerged, we were one of the first integrated marketing groups specializing in high-level problem solving to incorporate digital communications into our integrated marketing offerings. We knew right away that the future of communications had arrived.

Today, we’re still at the front of integrated marketing technology. With Fision, our clients enjoy new levels of customization, efficiency and simplicity, amazed by the usability and results. Fision is the distributed marketing tool of choice for industry leaders in mass communications, integrated health care, finance, salon & beauty, health & fitness, and commercial photography, to name a few.

Align Sales and Marketing At Every Touchpoint Across Every Channel

The right message. The right audience. Right now. Fision’s Sales Enablement and Marketing Automation platform puts the power of instant, brand-controlled localization at the fingertips of your entire distributed sales forces.


FISION Announces New Chief Technology Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Abbie Hill FISION Holdings, Inc. [email protected] FISION Announces New Chief Technology Officer FISION Corporation announces CTO to lead global product and technology advances. May 16, 2016 …