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HubSpot Makes Salespeople’s Lives Easier With Sidekick

HubSpot Makes Salespeople’s Lives Easier With Sidekick

At Fision, our goal is to make the lives of sales and marketers easier, we also aim to unite the two departments in the process. Every company touts marketing and sales alignment, but few companies are succeeding to make it a reality. Last week HubSpot, a marketing automation leader, entered the sales game with a focus on email simplification.

Best Practices For 
Email Authentication

Best Practices for 
Email Authentication

Intro to Email Authentication

Email Authentication is a term used to describe the methods ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and corporate email servers use to determine if the source of an email is accurate to the source associated with the sender.

Stay Off Prospects’ Naughty List By Sending Them Relevant Content

Stay Off Prospects’ Naughty List by Sending them Relevant Content

Your great aunt Dorothy, the one you haven’t talked to (much less seen) in 15 years, hands you a flat box, decked out in green-and-red gift wrapping. She smiles, eagerly awaiting an elated cheer as you open it. Your smile is more of the nervous variety as you carefully unwrap the gift. It’s a sweater; three sizes too big, two colors too garish and one step away from going in the attic where you’ll never see it again. You turn to her and thank her with a fake smile creeping across your face.

Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn A Pain In The Neck Into A Powerful Asset

Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset

Don’t let the name fool you. We’ve got nothing against Rogue Marketers. If nothing else, we’re indebted to them. We’ve studied them for years, learning from them as we formulated a system that could turn havoc-wreaking mavericks into focused, lead-generating brand champions.

To those of you who couldn’t attend the original broadcast of the Rogue Marketing: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset webinar (03.01.12), we’ve archived the video with social media links to make it easy for you to watch and share.

In this webinar you will get an inside perspective on how to:
• Identify the signs, causes and effects of Rogues
• Close the gap between marketing and sales
• Balance brand control and customization freedom
• Turn Rogue Marketers into powerful assets