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Breaking Brand: What Great TV Can Teach Us About Branding

Breaking Brand: What Great TV Can Teach Us About Branding

Breaking Bad is back in the spotlight after nabbing 6 Emmy’s last week. It’s arguably one of the greatest dramas of its day, and is certainly the most entertaining lesson in brand marketing any marketer can get these days. Just in case you haven’t seen the show here’s the premise, “To provide for his family’s future after he is diagnosed with lung cancer, Walter White, a chemistry genius turned high school teacher teams up with ex-student Jesse Pinkman to cook and sell the world’s purest crystal meth (IMDB).” Now, do yourself a favor and spend the next ~2.2 days marathoning through it so you can appreciate the rest of this article and we don’t spoil anything for you.

What Is Localized Marketing Automation?

What is Localized Marketing Automation?

According to Gleanster’s research, “Top performing organizations that used local marketing automation reported 300% or more increases in revenue within the first 12 months of investing in the technology.” That’s impressive! Combine that with the marketing automation boom that is sweeping the software world, and it seems that everyone should know a little bit more about the mystical and exciting beast known as localized marketing automation (LMA).

Localized Marketing Paves The Way For Brand Loyalty

Localized Marketing Paves the Way for Brand Loyalty

A challenge many hotel properties face is that consumers know about their brand from national advertisements but that’s not always enough to get them in the door, let alone turn them into brand ambassadors.

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights For 2014

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights for 2014

In the past we set a goal to become hospitality marketing masters. We spent the year researching and exploring the needs of hospitality companies. We talked with leading businesses and experts about industry trends and best practices for marketing their brands and properties. We figured it was only fair that we share what we uncovered, so here you go, 3 actionable insights to help make this year your best year ever.

Video: Fision for Hospitality Marketing & Sales Teams

Hotel companies, hotel brands, and hotel management companies are turning to Fision as their trusted resource in localized marketing automation. With Fision the General Managers and Directors of Sales can harness the credibility and reputation of their hotel brand while showing the unique flare of their individual property. Companies are using Fision to distribute localized and personalized communications through email, social media, mobile, print and PDF.

Watch this quick minute tip from Fision to see how…

Localized Marketing: A Win-Win For Manufacturers And Retailers By Darren Bassel

Localized Marketing: A Win-Win For Manufacturers and Retailers by Darren Bassel

Ti Sento Milano, the European based jewelry brand, is expanding our reach stateside.  As marketing director, I’ve been challenged to market our jewelry in an efficient and cost effective manner because we don’t have a huge consumer market here or huge budgets to build awareness. To do so, we rely heavily on local retailers to market our jewelry in their store and to their already loyal customers.

Manufacturing Infographic: Navigating The Waters Of Channel Conflict

Manufacturing Infographic: Navigating the Waters of Channel Conflict

Manufacturers typically rely on their network of non-exclusive distributors, dealers, agents or retailers to locally market and sell their products. While this helps you expand your company’s reach, putting your product and brand in the hands of someone else can cause conflict if communication isn’t crystal clear. By providing your dealer network with the right level of marketing support you can:

Redefining The Concept Of ‘Multichannel’ Marketing

Redefining the Concept of ‘Multichannel’ Marketing

When you hear the word “multichannel,” what do you think of? Many brands would think of a variety of communication channels that they can use to successfully engage prospective customers or leads. These channels can include social media, print, traditional web platforms, mobile devices and any other communication medium under the sun.

Engaging Millennials Through Social Media Brand Management

Engaging Millennials Through Social Media Brand Management

How many people really seek out your brand’s social media page? The answer may be more than you expect: According to a new report from researcher Ipsos OTX, as many as 54 percent of Millennials actually visit a company’s social media page for one reason or another. If social media has never traditionally been a focus of your multichannel marketing campaigns, now may be the time to rethink the channel’s involvement.