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Video: Fision for Hospitality Marketing & Sales Teams

Hotel companies, hotel brands, and hotel management companies are turning to Fision as their trusted resource in localized marketing automation. With Fision the General Managers and Directors of Sales can harness the credibility and reputation of their hotel brand while showing the unique flare of their individual property. Companies are using Fision to distribute localized and personalized communications through email, social media, mobile, print and PDF.

Watch this quick minute tip from Fision to see how…

Three Keys To Creating Effective Marketing Collateral

Three Keys to Creating Effective Marketing Collateral

You can glean a lot from the quality of a company’s marketing collateral. Collateral is often the first impression that consumers have with a brand, so making the best impact is absolutely pivotal. Businesses will often be judged based on the relevancy, consistency and overall quality of the materials that organizations send to potential customers.

Lead Generation And CRM Are Just The Beginning

Lead Generation and CRM are Just the Beginning

Every dollar that a company earns comes from a customer. But before they were a customer, they were a lead that was converted by sales. Sales, however, doesn’t generate those leads – that task is handled by marketing departments. Without lead generation, companies would be hard-pressed to drive revenue and improve sales.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation are effective starts to the marketing and sales cycles, and many businesses invest a tremendous amount of budget and strategic thinking into the development of their lead gen and CRM strategies.

Lead generation is frequently cited as one of the biggest challenges that marketers face, with a 2012 study from MarketingSherpa suggesting that approximately 71 percent of businesses view the task as a major priority. A report released by Demand Gen also suggests that marketers plan to up their spending on demand and lead generation by 20 percent over the course of 2013. By getting more leads and passing the higher quality prospects down through the funnel to sales, marketing hopes the company will be able to improve conversion rates and raise revenue.

Marrying Sales And Marketing By Eliminating The Gap

Marrying Sales and Marketing by Eliminating the Gap

The sales and marketing funnel, as it exists, is currently broken. There is a tremendous gap between the two departments and it’s one that is growing increasingly detrimental to businesses as the marketing and sales process continues to evolve.

Three Myths Of Marketing Automation

Three Myths of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the latest buzzwords that’s being thrown around constantly from executive to executive. Marketing automation provides value to companies and brands, but there is still some confusion about what it is and is not. Honestly, that’s to be expected when talking about technology that has become popular only in the past few years.

The Role Of Content In Customer Engagement

The Role of Content in Customer Engagement

Long before businesses even realize they have a problem, they will have been engaged by a company that could provide them with a solution. You can do that by utilizing relevant, trustworthy content that leaves a mark and establishes your brand as a solution to a problem, rather than simply a product or service provider.

Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn A Pain In The Neck Into A Powerful Asset

Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset

Don’t let the name fool you. We’ve got nothing against Rogue Marketers. If nothing else, we’re indebted to them. We’ve studied them for years, learning from them as we formulated a system that could turn havoc-wreaking mavericks into focused, lead-generating brand champions.

To those of you who couldn’t attend the original broadcast of the Rogue Marketing: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset webinar (03.01.12), we’ve archived the video with social media links to make it easy for you to watch and share.

In this webinar you will get an inside perspective on how to:
• Identify the signs, causes and effects of Rogues
• Close the gap between marketing and sales
• Balance brand control and customization freedom
• Turn Rogue Marketers into powerful assets

Three Quick Tips for Improving Your Email Campaign

Sure, it’s easy for any company to send out mass emails to thousands of potential clients. But are they effective in generating quality leads? Rarely.

This is the problem with most email marketing campaigns—they aren’t producing increased, or even measurable, open or click-through rates. In America last year alone, less than 12% of marketing and sales emails were opened by their recipients.

So what is everyone doing wrong?