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HubSpot Makes Salespeople’s Lives Easier With Sidekick

HubSpot Makes Salespeople’s Lives Easier With Sidekick

At Fision, our goal is to make the lives of sales and marketers easier, we also aim to unite the two departments in the process. Every company touts marketing and sales alignment, but few companies are succeeding to make it a reality. Last week HubSpot, a marketing automation leader, entered the sales game with a focus on email simplification.

Localized Marketing Paves The Way For Brand Loyalty

Localized Marketing Paves the Way for Brand Loyalty

A challenge many hotel properties face is that consumers know about their brand from national advertisements but that’s not always enough to get them in the door, let alone turn them into brand ambassadors.

Best Practices For 
Email Authentication

Best Practices for 
Email Authentication

Intro to Email Authentication

Email Authentication is a term used to describe the methods ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and corporate email servers use to determine if the source of an email is accurate to the source associated with the sender.

Three Keys To Creating Effective Marketing Collateral

Three Keys to Creating Effective Marketing Collateral

You can glean a lot from the quality of a company’s marketing collateral. Collateral is often the first impression that consumers have with a brand, so making the best impact is absolutely pivotal. Businesses will often be judged based on the relevancy, consistency and overall quality of the materials that organizations send to potential customers.

Three Myths Of Marketing Automation

Three Myths of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the latest buzzwords that’s being thrown around constantly from executive to executive. Marketing automation provides value to companies and brands, but there is still some confusion about what it is and is not. Honestly, that’s to be expected when talking about technology that has become popular only in the past few years.

Creating The Perfect Marketing Email

Creating the Perfect Marketing Email

What makes for an effective marketing email? So many brands funnel in on the writing aspect – they try to create engaging headlines, avoid typos and ensure their messages don’t get flagged as spam. While this is all important developing the perfect email, you need to be careful of focusing too much on just the writing component. Other elements are frequently at work as well, from design to graphic choice, and it’s crucial your brand is building email newsletters and messages specifically for your target audience.

Relevance Is A Core Challenge With Drip Marketing

Relevance is a Core Challenge with Drip Marketing

For ages, drip marketing was the de facto way to gain thought leadership among specific segments of consumers and stay top-of-mind when it came time for them to make real purchase decisions. However, technology has evolved to the point that it not only provides a wide array of functionality and capabilities, but it’s also easier to use and more accessible than ever before. This has enabled many brands throughout the world to adopt a closed-loop strategy to marketing, rather than limiting them to the drip marketing approach.

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