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What Is Localized Marketing Automation?

What is Localized Marketing Automation?

According to Gleanster’s research, “Top performing organizations that used local marketing automation reported 300% or more increases in revenue within the first 12 months of investing in the technology.” That’s impressive! Combine that with the marketing automation boom that is sweeping the software world, and it seems that everyone should know a little bit more about the mystical and exciting beast known as localized marketing automation (LMA).

How Hotel Management Companies Can Consolidate Chaos

How Hotel Management Companies Can Consolidate Chaos

Hotel management companies face all the challenges of running a hotel property with the added strain of doing it for multiple brands. With multiple brands comes more technology platforms, marketing tactics and processes than one can imagine. In order to stay sane and productive hotel management companies need to consolidate.

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights For 2014

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights for 2014

In the past we set a goal to become hospitality marketing masters. We spent the year researching and exploring the needs of hospitality companies. We talked with leading businesses and experts about industry trends and best practices for marketing their brands and properties. We figured it was only fair that we share what we uncovered, so here you go, 3 actionable insights to help make this year your best year ever.
Localized Marketing: A Win-Win For Manufacturers And Retailers By Darren Bassel

Localized Marketing: A Win-Win For Manufacturers and Retailers by Darren Bassel

Ti Sento Milano, the European based jewelry brand, is expanding our reach stateside.  As marketing director, I’ve been challenged to market our jewelry in an efficient and cost effective manner because we don’t have a huge consumer market here or huge budgets to build awareness. To do so, we rely heavily on local retailers to market our jewelry in their store and to their already loyal customers.

Hospitality Case Study: How Distributed Marketing Boosts Local Sales

Hospitality Case Study: How Distributed Marketing Boosts Local Sales

Hospitality Giant Gets Personal with Guests in 4 Steps

One of the largest hotel companies in the world faced the challenge of providing over 4,600 locations with relevant materials specific to their property and region without compromising brand integrity, compliance or visibility over the communication’s effectiveness.

Fision Eases Compliance Management For Marketing & Sales Insurance Professionals

Fision Eases Compliance Management for Marketing & Sales Insurance Professionals

Across a variety of different insurance sectors, from property and casualty to health and auto insurance, managing the complexity of regulations is a shared challenge. Insurance professionals are always dealing with obstacles and roadblocks in the form of managing and communicating compliance and regulation standards to current and new customers.

With a complex suite of products, each with a variety of share classes, it can take months for a marketing department to update and distribute new communications and marketing collateral with quarterly regulatory changes. In companies with thousands of representatives across the nation or globe, slow speed to market and inaccurate, outdated communications are inevitable—causing longer, less effective sales cycles and market confusion.

Manufacturing Infographic: Navigating The Waters Of Channel Conflict

Manufacturing Infographic: Navigating the Waters of Channel Conflict

Manufacturers typically rely on their network of non-exclusive distributors, dealers, agents or retailers to locally market and sell their products. While this helps you expand your company’s reach, putting your product and brand in the hands of someone else can cause conflict if communication isn’t crystal clear. By providing your dealer network with the right level of marketing support you can:

Twitter: The Best Social Media Source For Leads

Twitter: The Best Social Media Source for Leads

While the battle still rages on as to what role social media plays in lead generation and engagement, new data suggests that Twitter may be more than worth the budget it’s allocated when it comes to leads. Research from Optify suggests that Twitter tops all other social media websites for generating new leads and engaging old ones – at least for B2B brands. If you’re running a B2B company, it might be time to rethink how you’re tweeting.

Bridging The Gap Between Oracle And Eloqua

Bridging the Gap Between Oracle and Eloqua

Oracles Acquisition of Eloqua Solidifies the Importance of Marketing Automation

At the end of 2012, the software giant that is Oracle made waves in the sales and marketing landscape when it purchased Eloqua, a marketing automation and demand generation solutions provider.

Redefining The Concept Of ‘Multichannel’ Marketing

Redefining the Concept of ‘Multichannel’ Marketing

When you hear the word “multichannel,” what do you think of? Many brands would think of a variety of communication channels that they can use to successfully engage prospective customers or leads. These channels can include social media, print, traditional web platforms, mobile devices and any other communication medium under the sun.