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The Time For Personalized & Localized Marketing

The Time For Personalized & Localized Marketing

Marketing automation is hot right now, it has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last several years (Focus Research). And you know what? Marketing Automation has a little known cousin, localized marketing automation (LMA), that is even hotter. If you need a refresher on what LMA is read this. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Yay you’re back.  It’s good to know how we got here so let’s look back in time for a bit.

What Is Localized Marketing Automation?

What is Localized Marketing Automation?

According to Gleanster’s research, “Top performing organizations that used local marketing automation reported 300% or more increases in revenue within the first 12 months of investing in the technology.” That’s impressive! Combine that with the marketing automation boom that is sweeping the software world, and it seems that everyone should know a little bit more about the mystical and exciting beast known as localized marketing automation (LMA).

Localized Marketing Paves The Way For Brand Loyalty

Localized Marketing Paves the Way for Brand Loyalty

A challenge many hotel properties face is that consumers know about their brand from national advertisements but that’s not always enough to get them in the door, let alone turn them into brand ambassadors.

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights For 2014

Top 3 Hospitality Marketing & Sales Insights for 2014

In the past we set a goal to become hospitality marketing masters. We spent the year researching and exploring the needs of hospitality companies. We talked with leading businesses and experts about industry trends and best practices for marketing their brands and properties. We figured it was only fair that we share what we uncovered, so here you go, 3 actionable insights to help make this year your best year ever.

Video: Fision for Hospitality Marketing & Sales Teams

Hotel companies, hotel brands, and hotel management companies are turning to Fision as their trusted resource in localized marketing automation. With Fision the General Managers and Directors of Sales can harness the credibility and reputation of their hotel brand while showing the unique flare of their individual property. Companies are using Fision to distribute localized and personalized communications through email, social media, mobile, print and PDF.

Watch this quick minute tip from Fision to see how…

One Night Stands Hurt The Hospitality Industry

One Night Stands Hurt the Hospitality Industry

By now the hospitality industry is well acquainted with one night stands. What’s interesting is that Hoteliers have adopted the same one and done mentality with their customers. In both cases, the risk/reward of the one night stand isn’t promising (to put it nicely)—where as a relationship brings fulfillment to both parties and also breeds loyalty.

Is a One Night Stand With Hospitality Customers Really That Bad?
SaaS Companies Reap The Rewards Of Marketing Automation

SaaS Companies Reap the Rewards of Marketing Automation

Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud technology have been major booms for businesses across the globe. Many companies are beginning to see value in SaaS offerings, which enables them to store and retrieve data via off-site servers and utilize solutions remotely as long as they have access to the web. Instead of a large initial investment, which was required for traditional software, organizations can simply pay subscription fees by the month. SaaS offers a tremendous amount of value and flexibility for an affordable price in the post-recession era.