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What’s the Good Word?

Brand Control: Three Essential Elements

Three ways to maintain brand control for custom marketing communications while avoiding long approval processes or rogue marketing.

Video: Improving Efficiency & Profitability Through Innovative Technology

Fision CEO Mike Brown discusses the future of Marketing Automation and Brand Control as part of 21st Century Business’ “Improving Efficiency & Profitability Through Innovative Technology” series.

Think About Your Team Before Considering a New Software Solution

We’ve all been there—someone decides to implement a software solution that they think will make everyone’s life simpler. A few things to consider first.

Empower Your Sales Team without Compromising Brand Integrity

Free reign over brand assets can be a catch-22. On one hand, being able to make individual choices to target audiences is a good idea—you know your audience best. On the other hand, trying to maintain a consistent brand, messaging and image through the filter of hundreds of individuals—making final creative decisions—is next to impossible.