FISION is part of the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions in the world.

Marketo is a software built for marketing teams to generate leads.

FISION is a software built for sales teams to turn leads into revenue.

Extend your marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) by empowering your distributed sales and marketing teams.

Do you use Marketo to execute a campaign management strategy to develop new leads? Once a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) has been identified, do your sales team members have the tools to bring the lead from contact to close?

FISION’s cloud-based Digital Asset Management and Sales Enablement solutions enable corporate and local marketers, sales teams and channel partners to efficiently store, create, and measure multi-channel marketing communications. By having all sales and marketing communications centralized, organizations can:

  • Drastically improve efficiencies at the local/individual user level
  • Maximize impact at every step in the sales process
  • Ensure brand and regulatory compliance
  • Get better insight through a larger aggregated data set
  • Make better business decisions

The differentiator of FISION is that it extends marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) to empower distributed sales teams and local marketers to quickly and easily customize and distribute timely, relevant, multi-channel campaigns without sacrificing brand or legal compliance.


Connect with our customer success team at [email protected]. In the meantime, check out Marketo’s LaunchPoint Overview for more information.