Brands Double Down on Marketing Analytics

We live in a number-driven business world, with facts and figures influencing everything from product design to marketing campaigns. More brands are realizing the value that marketing analytics and big data can bring to the table and are increasing investments on metrics to improve their ability to engage prospects, a new Infogroup Targeting Solutions report suggests.

Nearly seven in 10 marketers (68 percent) worldwide plan to increase investments in data-related spending this year, while 23 expect to keep expenditures consistent with the previous year. A slim 2 percent will decrease their spending slightly, and only 1 percent plan to greatly scale back on marketing analytics – a strong vote for at least considering how your brand assesses marketing metrics.

In particular, respondents valued email metrics and analytics the most, with 19 percent claiming this channel was the best source of data. Having the right data information can be very helpful as businesses look to improve the performance of their marketing and email campaigns. Understanding precisely how customers are reacting to initiatives enables brands to make the right moves and maximize results from promotional efforts.

Improving Transparency

Do you know what’s going on with your marketing campaigns? Can you make real-time adjustments to your promotional pushes if customers aren’t responding? Conversely, can you respond to consumers if a particular engagement has proven successful? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, you may want to consider upping the ante on your marketing analytics, just as many brands are doing in 2013.

Marketing performance analytics are a real weapon in the arsenal of any brand company. It enables them to successfully close the loop on their campaigns, make necessary adjustments to existing campaigns initiatives and improve future results. The right marketing solution gives brands increased insight into campaign results at every level, from enterprise-wide to individual team members.

Software solutions such as those offered by Fision can be used to effectively measure campaign performance in real time, enabling you to generate reports and share them with others throughout the business. The web provides marketers with more information than ever before, and by taking advantage of analytics and metrics, you will be better able to establish your brand and convert leads in a prompt manner.