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Forget Chatbots and AI and get Localization Right

Written for MarTech Advisors. Mike Brown, CEO of FISION explains, as companies pour money into high priced technologies like Chatbots and AI, it’s important for brands to recognize that there are
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HubSpot Makes Salespeople’s Lives Easier With Sidekick

At Fision, our goal is to make the lives of sales and marketers easier, we also aim to unite the two departments in the process. Every company touts marketing and
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Canada Cracks Down On Spam: What Marketers Need To Know

Everyone hates blatant spam. Filters catch most of it, but everyone still gets offers for wholesale handbags and or miraculous pharmaceuticals now and then. Apparently our neighbors to the north
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Best Practices for 
Email Authentication

Intro to Email Authentication Email Authentication is a term used to describe the methods ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and corporate email servers use to determine if the source of an
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Stay Off Prospects’ Naughty List by Sending them Relevant Content

Your great aunt Dorothy, the one you haven't talked to (much less seen) in 15 years, hands you a flat box, decked out in green-and-red gift wrapping. She smiles, eagerly
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Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset

Don’t let the name fool you. We’ve got nothing against Rogue Marketers. If nothing else, we’re indebted to them. We’ve studied them for years, learning from them as we formulated
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