Empower Your Sales Team without Compromising Brand Integrity

Free reign over brand assets can be a catch-22. On one hand, being able to make individual choices to target audiences is a good idea—you know your audience best. On the other hand, trying to maintain a consistent brand, messaging and image through the filter of hundreds of individuals—making final creative decisions—is next to impossible.

Some companies take the overly conservative route—remove the freedom altogether. The solution can be as limited as supplying sales teams with brochures, presentations, e-newsletters, e-mails in a one-size-fits-all format. This can eliminate unwanted versioning, but it also cripples the ability to make customers feel like something more than just another number.Other companies find a happy medium, allowing their sales team to create or order customized, targeted sales collateral, but at cost, time, resources and routing through the approval process.

Can a large organization do better than the compromise of a happy medium?

We say yes—any company can let their sales teams create personalized, targeted one-to-one communications AND retain brand integrity.

This was a main driver in our development of Fision—pre-approval of content, customizable templates to give your sales force the freedom to quickly create on-brand communications.

Custom templates provide a simple builder process—such as a series of click-through steps—to create enough varied content to tailor a message to any audience.

Assigning access permissions to users in coordination with every asset provides instant access to the most relevant materials.

These elements create a culture of freedom—an independent and empowered sales force. Freedom to quickly and easily tailor communications to specific customers and prospects—without the typical risks.

The freedom stems from control unique to integrated marketing automation software.