Fision’s Focus on Usability Eliminates Wasted Time

Relevancy is core to the success of modern marketing campaigns. You need to reach consumers with the right message through the right medium and at the right time.

Unfortunately, this level of engagement can be difficult to pull off from a resources perspective. As many as 30 percent of salespeople spend 30 hours per month searching for and creating the perfect marketing materials to reach prospects, according to data from the American Marketing Association. This is why many businesses are turning to marketing automation software. These solutions enable companies to shift their employees off mind-numbingly boring (yet crucial) tasks and leave the number crunching up to computers instead.

You may be concerned that the integration of new software solutions is a big change. Simply making the decision to switch to automated services can be a monumental one – after all, it involves investing potentially thousands of dollars on new software and licenses. However, you should remember that the inability to perform job duties is often more costly to the bottom line over time than the expenses related to integrating new solutions.  Ultimately, software is an investment, but not a long term one – most businesses see a return on their investment within months of integration.

But there are other things to consider with the integration of new systems as well. Take, for example, ease of use. Many software vendors and developers build their products with utility in mind. While that’s good for people with experience with these programs, it can also lead to more associated integration costs because companies need to spend money training the individuals to use the solution. As you research potential marketing automation solutions for your business, these indirect costs need to be considered as well.

Marketing Automation Solutions Need to Be Intuitive
So what can you do when your company is contemplating upgrading or buying a marketing automation and distributed marketing platform? It’s important to realize that complexity does not translate into functionality – powerful software can be easy to use as well. If you’re currently struggling with overly-complex marketing solutions, it’s time to upgrade.

At Fision, ease of use is at the core of our business philosophy. We’ve helped myriad clients make the switch to marketing automation and sales enablement tools and have witnessed firsthand the frustration that can occur as the result of complicated technology. We believe that technology should make the lives of sales teams and marketers easier, and at Fision, we do just that.

Fision is a leader in digital asset management and sales enablement due to our commitment to usability. The intuitiveness and accessibility of Fision ensures any user can quickly learn to use the software. We know you’re making the switch to software to save time and make life easier; our clients tend to see a tenfold increase in time saved within the first six months.