Hospitality Case Study: How Distributed Marketing Boosts Local Sales

Hospitality Giant Gets Personal with Guests in 4 Steps

One of the largest hotel companies in the world faced the challenge of providing over 4,600 locations with relevant materials specific to their property and region without compromising brand integrity, compliance or visibility over the communication’s effectiveness. Their solution was to use a locally-driven marketing strategy supported by Fision’s Distributed Marketing Platform to increase interest with local targets and strengthen regional relationships. They boosted their hotel occupancy rates by following these 4 steps:

Step #1: Organize Assets and Provide Access Based on Business Rules

One of the goals of distributed marketing is to relieve pressure from your central marketing team. That starts with being organized and providing regional sales reps access to materials that are relevant to them. Our client utilizes the Fision Asset Library to store all their marketing approved assets in a single place. They also assign regional sales reps user permissions that allow them to only access materials and messaging that are specific to their location.

Distributed Marketing for Hospitality Companies
Step #2: Empower General Managers and Directors of Sales to Customize Materials to Their Location

In addition to having access the most current marketing assets, sales teams are provided with customizable templates that allow each property to build marketing collateral such as sales sheets, fact sheets, etc. from pre-approved imagery and messaging. Allowing locations to customize their own materials increases personalization, which in turn, increases occupancy rates. Moreover, each location has it’s own permissions and profiles so individual locations cannot see other location’s assets or customer lists.

Step #3: Provide Distribution via Print & Digital

Currently they provide distribution of customizable materials through email and print with plans of launching social and mobile engagement early next year. As different locations and customers have different channel preferences, relevance means communicating the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Step #4: Gain Visibility over Asset Usage and Analytics on Campaign Effectiveness

Deploying all local activity through the Fision Platform provides data on sales and marketing activities across all business units in real time. Central marketing and individual locations are provided the information they need to prove effectiveness and establish best practices company wide.

Their Director of Marketing, offered a key takeaway regarding their strategy, “Using Fision to implement our distributed marketing strategy has brought us to the leading edge of sales and marketing communication. We are no longer pushing a one-to-many message hoping customers will remember us. Fision empowers each property to send customers a timely, personalized message to keep them interested and coming back again and again.”

To learn more about how you can create and implement a distributed marketing strategy, contact Jason at Fision.