How Hotel Management Companies Can Consolidate Chaos

Hotel management companies face all the challenges of running a hotel property with the added strain of doing it for multiple brands. With multiple brands comes more technology platforms, marketing tactics and processes than one can imagine. In order to stay sane and productive hotel management companies need to consolidate.

Can’t We All Just Work Together?

How many technology platforms do you use to manage your properties? Many of you use POSs, reservations, email systems, CRMs, digital asset managers, marketing collateral builders, etc. We all love technology, but when you become inundated with too many disparate systems the technology becomes more burdensome than helpful.

Integrating various systems is an easy form of consolidation and it helps you manage your hotel properties better because you don’t have jump from platform to platform to see data and make decisions.


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Every Marketing Asset in One Place

Managing marketing materials for multiple brands can be a nightmare. Every brand puts new assets in a different place and eventually they get spread out over email, Dropbox, flash drives, and pieces of paper scattered on your desk.

Beyond that, many hotel brands don’t offer localized materials, forcing you to settle for generic sales pieces that are ignored by a local audience. The chaos continues when you try to create a localized marketing piece by yourself and try to stay within the brand guidelines. It becomes a guessing game of which font color and size goes with which brand? Are these images up-to-date? And most importantly, how long is this going to take to get approved?

Is there an easier way to do all this?

Yes there is. Marketing asset management software (MAM) is perfect for hotel management companies. Marketing asset managers are digital libraries that let you store, organize, and customize all the marketing assets from all of your brands; making it simple to find, access, and use marketing and sales materials whenever you need them.

Many Properties, Many Processes

Each hotel brand has its own marketing and sales process loaded with different rules, approvals, tactics, and reports. Are you able to swim through this sea of data to know what’s working? Do you know what your locations are doing to promote themselves? If one of your properties just had a successful campaign, do you know about it? And are you able to replicate that campaign so your other properties can follow suit?

With every sales and marketing activity in the same place you gain visibility into your entire company. You can see what’s happening, draw conclusions from the data and actually do something about it.

The consolidation of platforms and marketing materials leads to consolidation of processes. This leads to better reporting which yields better decision making by you and all of the properties within your hotel management company.

Photo Credit: Flickr – backpackphotography