Localized Marketing Paves the Way for Brand Loyalty

A challenge many hotel properties face is that consumers know about their brand from national advertisements but that’s not always enough to get them in the door, let alone turn them into brand ambassadors.

When most hoteliers consider brand loyalty they think about coaxing their existing customers to sign up for their corporate rewards programs. While corporate rewards programs are effective, they neglect the fact that loyalty is built on the foundation of a relationship that has been established over time through experiences with individual hotel properties.

Driving Local Lead Generation

Let’s say you’re the Director of Sales for your hotel property and you’re responsible for driving new business and boosting occupancy rates. Perhaps you’ve identified a list of target prospects in your area but what now? What tools do you have to run an effective marketing campaign?

Many hotel brands have marketing tools at the corporate level but individual locations are ill-equipped to connect with their local market. Localized Marketing Automation software is made for this situation and it’s made for you. It gives you the ability to send highly effective, targeted communications tailored to your local audience while showcasing the amenities of your individual hotel.

Solidifying New Business

Imagine for a moment that I am on your prospect list; I am an event planner at the Fortune 500 corporation down the road. I was one of the recipients of your outreach campaign and, as timing has it, am in need of a space to host our annual multi-day sales conference. After your follow-up call, I’m interested in learning more about how your property will meet all my needs. How will you follow-up with me to close the sale?

Timeliness is obviously important here. How long will it take you to send me a follow up piece? With Localized Marketing Automation software you could email me a personalized, customized sales sheet in minutes. With this info in hand it proves to me that your location has everything I need and more, which allows me to call off my search and get back to planning the event.

Personalized Sales Sheet Example for Hospitality Professionals Can Utilize Localized Marketing AutomationFrontPersonalized Sales Sheet Example for Hospitality Professionals Can Utilize Localized Marketing Automation Back


Bolstering Brand Loyalty After the Event

Unsurprisingly to you, but a major relief for me, the event was an overwhelming success. The next day, I am amazed when I receive a branded, customized post card at the office featuring a team photo from the event. The postcard reads, “Congratulations on a job well done! The hard work paid off, your sales conference was a success, and now it’s time to celebrate! Bring your team in for dinner at NORTH Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge and enjoy 50% off. Thanks for choosing Crowne Plaza Bloomington, we’re looking forward to another successful event next year!”

Every hotelier is capable of providing a great experience when a guest is at their location, it’s the ability to stay connected with them when they are off-site that helps cement your relationship and transforms them into a brand ambassador.

The question is, are you able to deliver a personalized experience to a prospect from the moment you meet them and continue that level of personalization throughout the entire customer life cycle? If not, how will you keep them coming back?