Is Your Localized Marketing Plagued By The Pick 2 Rule?

The hospitality industry prides itself on providing world class experiences for their guests. Adding a personal touch goes a long way. However, as noted earlier, that personalization is currently limited and hasn’t spread to prospecting and consumer engagement.

As is, localized marketing tactics fall short in their ability to provide potential guests with relevant information about individual hotel properties that is personalized with the recipient in mind. These generic marketing and sales pieces give hotel General Managers and Directors of Sales little opportunity to differentiate their particular property from others within the brand or from other competitive brands in their region.

The Pick 2 Rule Plagues Hospitality Professionals

Imagine you’re the General Manager for your hotel, you just met a business owner at a Chamber of Commerce event, and they are in need of a meeting space. How will you or your team follow up with them? Will this means of communication create a differentiator versus your competition? Most importantly, will they receive this customized information in time to consider your property among their other options?

The ideal situation is that you provide them with an immediate, personalized and professional response that details exactly how your hotel meets their needs. This is where current local marketing tactics fall short, most companies currently have to settle with 2 of 3 forcing them into the “Pick 2 Rule.”

+  An immediate and personalized response usually comes in form of an unsightly word document that discredits your brand in the eyes of the recipient and would make the Brand Compliance person shutter.

+  An immediate and professional response usually can’t be personalized, making it yet another generic marketing piece destined for the trash.

+  A personalized and professional response usually requires design and creative support from corporate marketing which stalls delivery and potentially eliminates you from being a candidate.

Magic (And Software) Defy The Pick 2 Rule

In the venn diagram we alluded to magic being the solution to the Pick 2 Rule. Though it’s not quite magic, everybody here at Fision thinks our software is pretty magical. What’s more is that the hospitality brands that we’ve helped solve the Pick 2 Rule would agree.

Our localized marketing automation software allows hotel brands to equip their locations with the tools they need to create personalized, branded marketing materials in minutes. Instead of picking 2, we empower some of the largest hotel companies in the world to create professional, relevant and timely communications.

Whether it’s a one-to-many email campaign or a direct mail piece for a specific person, they can add that personal touch which helps them stand out to prospects and guests. We’ve seen the power of personalization increase occupancy rates, establish tangible loyalty and boost meetings & events business. With results like that why would you pick 2 when you could have all 3?