Manufacturing Infographic: Navigating the Waters of Channel Conflict

Manufacturers typically rely on their network of non-exclusive distributors, dealers, agents or retailers to locally market and sell their products. While this helps you expand your company’s reach, putting your product and brand in the hands of someone else can cause conflict if communication isn’t crystal clear. By providing your dealer network with the right level of marketing support you can:

Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reach More Prospects – Empower your dealers to engage each customer and prospect with localized, personalized print, emails, newsletters and social media posts.

Increase Your Speed to Market – Ensure that all your marketing assets, campaigns and promotions are immediately available to all your channel partners and retailers. Capitalize on market opportunities and customer needs at exactly the right time with the right message.

Gain Share from Your Competitors – Entice your dealers to sell more of your products because your products are the easiest to promote and market.

Measure Results and Improve Performance – Measure and quantify the results of your dealers’ local marketing activity performance. Understand which marketing assets and campaigns are most used and most effective. Identify which dealers are the most effective and why. Share best practices across your network to drive better overall performance.

In relation to your channel partners here are a few things to consider:

– What marketing support do you provide your dealer network?

– Are you capable of personalizing materials for local markets?

– What kind of metrics do you have on usage and effectiveness of the marketing materials?

Fision Infographic - Navigating the Waters of Channel Conflict for Manufacturing Marketers