Minneapolis: The Silicon Plain

A recent article in USA Today called to attention the burgeoning midwestern technology start-up scene. Minneapolis has continuously garnered national nods for quality of life, and it appears its concentration of tech start-ups is following suit.

Fision is one of these companies. Five years ago, Minneapolis was still largely considered technology fly-over country, in favor of the bi-costal hotspots that have shaped the evolution of 21st century digital culture. Today, we find ourselves in the wellspring of a new technological oasis that’s been evolving virtually unnoticed for three decades.

In 1980, our team of integrated marketing visionaries embraced the possibilities of technology and combined it with the abundant creative and business strategy resources in our very own backyard. Since then, we have built a marketing automation software that is as Silicon Valley (sophisticated) is it is midwestern (sensible / simple / easy to use)—with national clients whose business reaches around the world. And, as highlighted in USA Today’s Talking Tech, we’re not the only company in town utilizing the best of both worlds.

Minneapolis is lush with like-minded companies with specialties spanning the technology spectrum—many drawing on a shared community of expertise, experience, talent, drive and vision. Though time will tell, it’s clear that Minneapolis is carving out its place in the future of technology—and Fision is thrilled to be part of it.