Rogue Marketing Webinar: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset

Don’t let the name fool you. We’ve got nothing against Rogue Marketers. If nothing else, we’re indebted to them. We’ve studied them for years, learning from them as we formulated a system that could turn havoc-wreaking mavericks into focused, lead-generating brand champions.

To those of you who couldn’t attend the original broadcast of the Rogue Marketing: Turn a Pain in the Neck into a Powerful Asset webinar (03.01.12), we’ve archived the video with social media links to make it easy for you to watch and share.

In this webinar you will get an inside perspective on how to:
• Identify the signs, causes and effects of Rogues
• Close the gap between marketing and sales
• Balance brand control and customization freedom
• Turn Rogue Marketers into powerful assets

Also in this webinar, we give viewers a firsthand look at the Fision system via a short demo from Fision CEO, Mike Brown.

We welcome feedback and invite you to share your own rogue stories in the comments section of this blog. Stay tuned for more webinars from Fision.