Turn a Clogged Marketing Production Queue into Labor Savings

Marketing production bottlenecks are all too common in large companies. As the requests for new collateral grow, the marketing department has a greater need for brand control and management. While the marketing materials themselves may require only nominal modifications, the time and energy spent in communications and the approval process can often take up more time than the actual production work itself.

Requests for Customized Marketing Collateral Waste a Lot of Time

A large, integrated health care system approached Fision to help remedy the clogged drain that customization and asset requests was causing in their marketing department.

80% of marketing-related efforts were spent on customization, ordering or retrieving existing collateral. The numbers were alarming. The company needed a solution to give their marketing department a break from the constant influx and juggling of requests.

A Marketing Asset Management System Means Increased Efficiency

The Fision system solved the marketing efficiency conundrum. Fision’s marketing asset management system, collateral builder and fulfillment tools made customization and localization of marketing not only accessible, but easy for the company’s sales team.

Fision’s user permissions ensured that only the most current, up-to-date assets could be used by the appropriate users. What used to take weeks in the request/fulfillment process, now took just a few clicks. Marketing efficiency skyrocketed companywide and speed-to-market was supercharged.

Labor Savings

The company saw the difference on the bottom line. After Fision’s implementation, they enjoyed $43,000+ monthly savings on labor costs.

Now the company has the freedom to reallocate their resources, marketing has the time to focus on developing and refining campaigns, sales has the means to reach their client base with customized collateral instantly, and requests are much easier to manage.