Video: Localized Marketing 101 for Hospitality Companies

In case you want to read along here are the words.

Your hotel customers demand a highly personalized experience. A localized marketing strategy is proven to provide the personalization they need and effectively communicate your value. Here’s how we can help you make it work:

Fision’s Localized Marketing Software is customized to your company’s structure and nomenclature to organize all of your brand’s marketing materials in one easily accessible repository. This allows you to grant your locations access to only the materials they need based on user permissions. Your Directors of Sales and or General Managers are then empowered to customize marketing materials with pre-approved location specific content to speak directly their customers need. They can then distribute that personalized content to prospects and customers through whatever media channel the customer prefers.

Best of all, you can measure the usage and effectiveness of every sales and marketing interaction, so you know exactly what’s working and you can fix what isn’t. Armed with the ability create an experience customized to each prospect; your locations are now equipped to exceed their goals, boost occupancy rates and grow net new business.

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